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Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Master's Degree (MS) Program 

Graduate Faculty
Requirements for the Degree (from the Graduate Catalog)
Thesis Option
A minimum of 32 credits at the graduate level is required, 6 of which are thesis-related and 14-17 credits in the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (2 seminar credits and 12-15 course credits). The remaining credits are obtained through courses in related areas such as chemistry, biology, statistics/experimental design, food science, physical education, psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, etc. Selection of these courses will depend in part on the specific needs of the student and on the studentís professional or research interests. Core course requirements include: NTDT 611 (Advanced Nutrition), a graduate level biochemistry course, and a graduate level course in statistics/experimental design. Degree completion also requires: 1) presentation of thesis research results in seminar format to the departmental faculty, 2) submission of manuscript draft for publication, and 3) satisfactory performance on the final oral examination.
Non-Thesis Option
A minimum of 32 credits at the graduate level is required, including 17 credits in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and a 3 credit scholarly project. The remaining 15 credits are obtained through non-departmental courses in related areas. Degree completion also requires satisfactory performance on a written comprehensive examination and presentation of scholarly project at a department seminar.
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Recently finished thesis and none-thesis project titles
Financial Aid
A limited number of teaching assistantships/tuition scholarships are available on a competitive basis. To be eligible the student must complete an application file and must be qualified for admission in regular status. Funding decisions are made separately from admission decisions. First priority is given to thesis students. Please refer to the chapter "Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships" in the Graduate Catalog for more information.
Course offered
Courses offered can be found at this location. Please enter "ntdt6" with in the field for Course Number to search for all the graduate courses within the program.